How does the Wi-Fi system works?

To use our Wi-FI network it is necessary to log in.

  • First connect to our Wi-Fi network by "settings". The network is called LaBonneVie. You then have access to various pages of information.
  • To access the internet you need to create a profile and then log in. Start your browser for this.
  • Per device you have 100MB free internet usage per day. If you limit yourself to emails, WhatsApp, messaging, this will usually be sufficient.
  • This needs to be done because of the regulation that requires us to keep your surfing behaviour for a period of 2 years. This is provided externally by the company W-spot. We do not have access to these data information.
  • So you can only log in with one device and not switch between a laptop and a mobile phone or tablet with the same login data.
  •  These log-in details are linked to one device. If you want to use Wi-FI / internet with another device, this can only be done with other login.
  • To surf, use skype, etc. you need to buy internet time. This can be done at the reception.

Wi-Fi rates per device:

up to 100 MB / day free

1 day 3€
3 days 5€
7 days 12€
15 days 20€

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