There are a lot of castles in Burgundy. All with their own history or story and one even bigger and more impressive than the other. A short distance from the campsite is the Château de Couches. Here you can go on your own bike (for the real sports enthusiasts)!

Surroundings overview

Castle in Couches

Château de Couches is only 10 minutes by bike from the campsite. In the high medieval castle you will discover more about the secret of Margaret of Burgundy.

Castle: Demigny

Home of the Marquis of Foudras, famous writer of hunting novels. Enjoy a panoramic view of the vineyards and discover more in the museum of hunting.

Castle: Germolles

One of the best preserved residences of the Dukes of Burgundy, but also one of the few remaining late medieval princely palaces.

Castle: Savigny

Visit the large 14th century castle, the winery and its cellars, the smaller 17th century castle and the various museums (including aeroplanes and motorcycles).

Castle: Sully

One of the few castles still inhabited today. The beautiful castle with park, vegetable garden and tea room can be visited by means of a planned guided tour.