Le Creusot

Le Creusot is an amalgamation of various mining villages and therefore has no old core, but several. From the dynasty of the Schneider company the small houses remain. It is a bit messy, unattractive town where you can find some nice attractions.

  • Amusement park Parc des Combes
  • Château de la Verrerie: first royal crystal factory. After its closure, it was converted into a castle. It houses the Museum of Man and Industry. There is also a 28-hectare park with many rare trees.
  • Marteau-Pilon: gigantic steam hammer built in 1877.
  • Steam train: Train des Combes - 241P17
  • Church Saint-Henri

The tourist office is located next to the Château de la Verrerie. On Thursday and Saturday morning there is a market.

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